Photography Workshops For Beginners

One of the things I enjoy most about my photography business is working with people from all walks of life in the various photography workshops I set up throughout the year. The majority are set up to cater for novices and beginners that just want to achieve a little bit more than what they get from pointing their camera at their family.

Nikon-D5200v21-300x228Before you plan to attend one of my workshops I would strongly suggest that you invest in a DSLR camera. While this is not strictly a necessity, and you will be able to follow along in a lot of the workshops we do recommend taking that step. If you are a total beginner then there I would generally recommend looking at the Nikon D3200 vs Nikon D5200. I personally have used Nikon cameras all my working life, which is I why I recommend them. But you will not be turned away or shunned for having a Canon or any other maker.

One of the main things I work on with attendees is composition of images. The reason for this is that whether you have a DSLR or a camera phone, you can significantly improve your photos by following some really simple guidelines for great compositions. Essentially this workshop covers how you should frame your images and where to place the main objects you are shooting. Even with the simplest and oldest cameras you gain some great improvements here.

Lighting is another subject I love to work on because it is so versatile and offers great creativity. You do not need professional lighting and remote flashes unless you want to go for high end strobe effects. But with inexpensive and homemade accessories you can greatly improve your images. There are really simple techniques that you can employ to soften the harshness of the flash and reduce those ugly shadows it can leave. But what is often the best tip is getting people to use their flash during daylight to improve especially portraits taken in very bright conditions.

DSLR basics is probably one of my most popular workshops. There are so many people that take the plunge with an inexpensive digital SLR camera, but then struggle to get to grips with all the features, settings and buttons. In this full day workshop I will go through all the main functions and what their exact effects are. I will give you exact guidance how to get started and how to move away from auto or program mode to help you start taking more control. As mentioned above, Nikons are my preference and you can find great options at

nikon_d3200With just a bit of practice and with a long list of some fun photo projects you can do in your own time, you will quickly improve the quality and creativity of your pictures. Printing and enlarging them, or even getting them on specialty paper or canvas will take things to another level and friends and family will be wanting you to take some photos for them as well.

Make sure to check out my site for regular updates on workshops and the topics to be covered.

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Extending My Horizon

For most photographers weddings are a significant source of income, and they are also a very reliable source. Wedding photography requires a lot of skills outside of photography, as you will encounter a lot of different people on a very emotional day. I have always enjoyed these assignments and in recent months I have decided to take on more clients and do some more marketing in this area. For today’s post I want to focus on some really good experiences I have had trying to reach further afield and gain more traction in my business.

While I mainly work on my own there are occasions where I hire a temp photographer for some of the bigger weddings I take on. When there are hundreds of guests and very large wedding parties with requests for photos to be taken from 8 am until late in the night, it can be very difficult to achieve on my own. Sometimes you just have to bring on a second photographer.

That has been one of the big problems I have encountered with taking on assignments outside of a 50 to 100 mile radius. Finding reliable people who will also be able to travel longer distances is very difficult.

On numerous occasions I have been asked for a quote for weddings in Vegas and up until recently I have always seen myself forced to turn down those requests. But then I was approached by a Las Vegas wedding photographer offering exactly what I needed. As a member of he had credentials that told me I was dealing with a professional, and he was based in Vegas.

So, after a conversation over Skype and reviewing some of his work I found that we would be a great match for large weddings in Las Vegas that required more than one photographer. And 4 weeks ago I met John in person for our first combined assignment. And it was a great success.

The two of us have similar experiences with portrait styles and we were able to combine this to supply a really unique package for the bride and groom. We were able to be in two places at the same time while the happy couple were getting ready in separate locations. Usually I spend most of my time with the bride in the morning and don’t get that many pictures with the groom’s family.

This is now not a problem and despite being on assignment from 8am until 11 pm I was able to take several breaks during the day. We also were able to hand over some raw images with a little bit of editing already done the very same day, which the couple and their family absolutely loved.

With the help of hotel staff we were also able to set up a projector with some photos being displayed from throughout the day. If I had been on my own this would have been impossible to achieve and the whole day would have been an exhausting experience. So, my recommendation to other photographers is to team up with VegasPhotoArtist and broaden your horizon.

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Marketing Photography For A Furniture Store

The majority of my professional work is pretty much strict photography and training especially on travel and the likes. But just last week I decided it was time to branch out a little when one of my fellow business owners in the neighborhood asked if I could help out with creating some marketing material for some advertising he was planning.

Because I have known Simon for many years now I said I would do it and I am very glad I did.

Simon does not run a traditional furniture store, but rather offers whole room and house solutions. For example, if you wanted to remodel your bedroom you would probably end up going to one store for a bed and storage furniture, then another store for sheets and covers, and yet another for a new carpet or rug.

If you go to Simon instead, he will offer you all these things, but you don’t have to buy a package. His wife is an interior designer and works part time in the store is a great source of information for all types of rooms and even business premises.

eames-chairs-382158_640You can also buy entertainment wall units with a TV, Bluray player and surround sound system, as well as things like recliners and other essentials for a home cinema. With just a little planning you can walk away with a perfect room remodel that will take into account your space and what type of person you are.

So, my part of the project was to help out with creating professional photos of the different home remodel solutions they have on display and to try and show that they offer the whole solution, not just individual pieces of furniture. And it was one great and enjoyable assignment.

I met with Simon’s marketing company that he had hired and we spent a couple of hours first talking about what they had in mind and how they were planning to lay out the brochures and other printed material. They were really great to work with and I even got to talk to them about some potential marketing ideas for my own business.

This has essentially opened three doors for me. I got some great marketing ideas that I will probably set in motion in the coming months. I also branched out into work I had never considered and I really enjoyed that it provided something totally different. And finally I may even get some additional work from the marketing company as they rang today to see if I was available for another project they were working on.

I will probably be writing a lot more about some of the marketing work that might come my way now. It is definitely a very lucrative line of work, and it looks like there is a huge amount of possibilities to network with other businesses around. Hopefully this will give the business a bit of a boost, as I have been considering hiring a freelancer to help me out with some of the busier assignments. All going well I may be able to hire someone full time!

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New Equipment From Nikon

Due to an unfortunate accident and a little bit of negligence on my part my trusted Nikon D7000 secondary and backup camera ended up broken beyond repair. On assignment for one of my long time clients I had an amateur moment that resulted in the camera dropping from about 6 foot. To be honest I am the only one to blame, but I am glad it was not the Nikon D4 AND that the attached lens escaped damage.

The lens itself was more expensive than the camera and I had only bought it a couple of months ago, so I would have been a lot more upset. The D700 has at this stage paid for itself.

As a result I decided to step it up a bit and go for the Nikon D800 which came out last year. I have been to several events where colleagues have been using them, and the great thing is that it also a full frame sensor, meaning that I don’t need to pack as many lenses when I am on assignment.

The sensor packs a whopping 36 MP, which is fantastic for high detail projects. You don’t get the same ISO and frames per second as with the D4, but you cannot really expect that at half the price.

I have now used it a little bit, and I really am impressed with the image quality. As already mentioned, I can use all the high end lenses from my D4, and no longer need to think so much about what I need to bring along to a shoot. This gives me two options, pack lighter, or bring a larger variation of focal length and Aperture.

This is especially good when, like me, you often end up on assignments that involve travel. Packing less reduces the risk of damage and loss, but also takes a lot of the hassle out of it. And, you don’t end up with a sore back from dragging around heavy bags.

Overall I am very happy with this purchase; now I just need to decide what to do with all the DX lenses. I’ll probably opt for one of the entry level DSLR from Nikon, as they are handy to have as a small and compact addition to the bag.

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Commercial Photography For All Industries

Commercial photography can be extremely challenging for the client and photographer. When you are looking for a photographer it will always pay off to meet them first to make sure you can strike up a rapport and to ensure that she understands your business, industry and customers. Whether you are in need of photos for marketing material online or in print, or for internal training programs, I have encounter all types of projects and all of my customers have been extremely satisfied. That is something I will guarantee from the very start of our business relationship.

Every industry and business is different. The style of photography always needs to be adapted to the client. But what if the client doesn’t really know what they want? With my large portfolio of sample projects it is very easy for you to understand the possibilities open to you. I have worked with countless marketing departments who have very precise ideas of what they want and with my years of experience I am able to very quickly identify what is needed in order to get the job completed as quickly as possible. This immensely helps with turnaround time making sure that your business operates as efficiently as possible.

Lighting is often the most important and complex setup for commercial projects as the use of the photos ultimately dictates how people, products and services are displayed. Even very complex and large scale projects are not an issue as my studio equipment is specifically chosen to be very mobile and adaptive. This means that I am able to bring the most high end flash and light technology and get it set up on location to enable you to get the photos you want in the location that suits you best.

Being able to set up mobile studios indoors and outdoors gives you so much flexibility that your imagination is literally the limit. The better you are able to promote your business, service or product the more successful you will be. My clients success is what drives me as it is the best way to affect repeat business and gain new customers through word of mouth.

No matter how big or small your commercial photography project is, I will be able to provide you with the most efficient and professional service. My extensive experience in this field has given me the ability to plan and execute all assignments in a very efficient way that guarantees customer satisfaction. I will not be satisfied until you are and this is something that I pride myself in. Make sure you contact me or call in to discuss the options available to you. You will not be disappointed.

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Travel Photography As The Ultimate Adventure

It certainly is true that traveling to exciting and exotic places to take some photos and get paid for it is a huge privilege and experience. But what many people do not realize is how stressful this can be. For a short while in my early career I almost exclusively dealt with photographing for the tourism industry and I did get to see so much of the world. But don’t think that this meant I really experienced all these places.

Yes you get to fly to nice places, but you do so with very heavy and expensive equipment that can easily damage. This means packing a lot of stuff to make sure that you don’t end up missing the gadgets you need to make the trip a success. Once on assignment you don’t have any time to take in the world around you. You immediately start planning and setting up and often end up trying to get to remote places to get the unique shot that your client is looking for.

Some places of course can add some real problems especially in areas of civil or political unrest. The beauty of a country can be quickly forgotten when you are constantly aware of trouble ahead and behind. Trying to get great shots in such circumstances can be very stressful and when you are starting out you may not be able to say no to such offers.

But there is a lot of positive to it. In the rare moments when you get to sit down and look around without the view finder in front of you, you do get to appreciate the world for all its beauty. Some of the most inspiring surroundings have helped me bring my photography and appreciation of nature and people to a whole new level.

While I didn’t propel to a level where I was offered work for National Geographic, let alone become a staff photographer, I did enjoy and learn a lot. It really made me focus on finding and learning new ways to use my cameras, lenses and especially flash lighting. You may struggle to find a lot of travel work but the best thing you can do is treat at least some of any vacation time as if you were working for someone. This is even possible at weekends in your own city, county or state.

Simply imagine someone asked you to provide a certain amount of photos for travel website or book and add some obscure instructions that may be difficult to follow. This will allow you to practice the process of planning an assignment and then seeing how you execute it and where you go wrong. You can add these self-assignment projects to your own portfolio for potential clients to look at. It is a truly exciting area to get into.

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Perfect Photographs From The Perfect Wedding

When it comes to your wedding day you want everything to be perfect. Worrying about everything from the church, to the food and the flowers and dress takes a lot out you in the lead up to one of your most important days. What I try to do from the first moment we meet is to give you the confidence that you do not have to worry about the photographs turning out the way you want.

You simply choose a style and wedding photo package and I take care of the rest. I show you exactly what each package contains including sample albums so that there is no confusion about what you receive. With so many different styles of wedding and portrait photography I give you the option to select what you like best.

On the big day you will simply have to acknowledge my arrival and I will work with bridesmaids, the groom and groomsmen to make sure we get the pre-planned photos we really want. But there is also so much that goes on around you that you do not notice and I try to capture as much of that as possible. So many times, clients have said to me after that they had missed so much of the “action” and that the photographs provided for so many gaps to be filled in.

The bigger the wedding the less time you will have to spend with everyone and you will end up spending just minutes with friends and family before you get whisked away again to another dance, cutting the cake or any of the other exciting things that go on. By capturing the whole event and the guests around you will truly end up with a set of images that capture the entire wedding, which is a wonderful to be able to reflect on for years to come.

To ensure that everything goes to plan I use an array of top of the range cameras from Nikon, Canon and Hasselblad. This makes sure I always have a backup and also have a large array of creative flexibility to take advantage of different times of day and lighting conditions. I will not miss an opportunity for a great image and try to stay oout of site as much as I can. The more natural the images the more you will enjoy them, as this puts you right back into the scenes.

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All Your Portrait Photography Needs Covered

One thing I enjoy most is portrait photography as it allows me to interact with people from all walks of life. Whether it is job with a modelling agency or simply a family coming in for some professional photographs for the family album or as gifts for family, it always brings me joy to get to know new people and find out what they really want.

Every person I deal with has different tastes which can cover posed shots or casual, black and white or sepia, with objects and without. Making you feel comfortable is the first objective especially when you want to have young or even teenage kids in the photos. I always try and build up a rapport as quickly as possible and often this is achieved with simple things like toys and treats or little joke to lighten the mood. Let’s face, not everyone is used to posing for a camera shoot.

I have a specific area of my studio set up for families which often helps as photography studios can be quite daunting and overwhelming at times. With a nice and cosy area I try to involve families in the process of setting up a small set possibly placing or bringing along toys. A simple few jokes will lighten the mood and also create very natural smiles. Years of experience have taught me how to deal with even the most stubborn teenagers, and husbands, so you will always leave with a great shot.

But even if you are looking for professional portraits and head shots for modelling and acting portfolios a light mood can go a very long way to making you feel more relaxed and look like you are enjoying yourself. Over time I have built up some great relationships which helps speed up the process of getting exactly what a client wants in a fast and efficient way. No time wasted!

My studio is fully set up for all possible styles and needs and I utilize the most advanced camera and lighting technology available. Nikon is my preferred camera of choice but for the more specialized requests I will bring in the big guns with my prized Hasselblad.

The flexibility of using different image format cameras, along with the benefits that come from each type of lens system allows me to cater for even the most unique requests. There is no end to the imagination when it comes to portrait lighting and creating the right mood with natural and artificial light. As you will see in my portfolio, there is so much that can be done to enhance photos.

Call in to me or ring up for an appointment and I can show what can be achieved. If you are uncertain what you want you can simply call in and look at some of the sample portraits I have taken over the years. Digital photography makes everything possible it is just a question of what you prefer and want to achieve from hiring me.

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Welcome To Heather Elizabeth Photography

Hi, my name is Heather and I am a photographer in love with my job and business. This is something that reflects through to my customers who range from people looking for a family portrait to large business looking for a selection of commercial photographs to add to their marketing campaigns.

With over 15 years of professional experience plus 10 years of prior hobby photography behind me I have dealt with all kinds of clients and requests. As I take an extremely dedicated approach to my business and clients I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed with the work I provide.

In the next few days I will be adding more content to my new site here which will showcase the types of projects I specialize in. Feel free to contact me with any questions or requests.

Sincerely Yours,


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